Resilient Kids

Wednesday Kids Program

Resilient kids is our Wednesday night program for PreK-3rd graders to come to grow in friendships, worship the Lord, have fun, and so much more! Learn more below.



Registration opens Sunday, August 13 at 6pm! There are 25 available spots for pre-K, 40 available spots for K-1st, and 40 available spots for 2nd-3rd grade. Please pay attention to our attendance policy on the registration form! If spots are full, please put your child on the waitlist so that they can have a chance to be a part of the program if a spot opens up.



Date, Time, & Place

RK is from September 13, 2023-March 27,2024 on Wednesdays at 6:10pm-7:45pm in the Kids Center.

Please check-in at the check-in room or on mobile check-in and make sure your child has a name tag.

Kids line up on the basketball court at 6:10pm (1733 Draper St., Kingsburg).


Attendance Policy

We value the kids and the ways they are learning and growing in our program, but it is difficult for a child to continue to grow and learn in our program when they are consistently not attending. This year we are introducing our attendance policy: on the 4th consecutive Wednesday absence of a child, they will be removed from the program and their spot will be given to a child on the waitlist.

Our team will contact families by email and phone call after the 3rd consecutive Wednesday absence with a reminder about our attendance policy, but the child will be removed on the 4th Wednesday in a row they are absent (Example: a child who has not attended 9/13, 9/20, 9/27, and 10/4. After 9/27 the family will be emailed and called. On 10/4 the child will be removed from the program and the family will be notified). You may re-enter your child into the program but you must complete the waitlist form for them to be put at the end of the waiting list.

Please respond to the 3rd-week reminder or reach out to prior to the expected 4th absence for legitimate reasons to explain the child’s absence. It will be at the discretion of the Resilient Kids Team to determine if the child will be removed and you will be informed of the decision and how to proceed forward.

Waiting List

If spots are full, please put your child on the waitlist below so that they can have a chance to be a part of the program if a spot opens up.



The Heart Behind Resilient Kids

Why “Resilient Kids”?

We have the special opportunity with PreK-3rd graders to begin intentionally teaching them about Jesus and why being resilient in their faith will anchor them as they face struggles that they can “bounce back” from with God.

We desire to come alongside families in building up kids so they can develop to become resilient disciples of Jesus Christ!

Why Does First Baptist Believe In Coming “Alongside Families”?

We believe that parents are the primary way that kids learn and grow in their relationship with Jesus.

First Baptist desires to do anything we can to come alongside families, but the church is not the primary way that kids will become resilient disciples of Jesus. Although, we will continue to strive to make the 1-3 hours we have with your kids matter each week!

We currently offer a weekly “At-Home” resource from September-March that has the intent to be utilized as a beginning step to practice taking what the kids are learning on Wednesdays and Sundays to overflow onto the rest of your week in simple, profound ways.

Why Do The Kids Learn the Same Story and Theme on Wednesday & Sunday?

Our curriculum focuses on one key attribute of who God is every week called the “Weekly Theme”. Kids have two opportunities from First Baptist to have this weekly theme reinforced in their memory on Wednesday and Sunday, beyond this the parents are given resources to further reinforce the child’s memory.

We believe the more kids understand and believe in the beauty of God’s heart and His character, the more they will be prepared when things in their life try to convince them about a lie about who God is. 

Wednesdays vs Sundays?

Wednesdays are different from Sundays in a few ways! On Wednesdays we have a primary focus on outreach, remembering scripture through memory verses, hearing an overview summary of a Bible story, and focusing on the weekly theme.

Prayer and discussion are simplified on Wednesdays so kids from a wide range of backgrounds can participate, but we lean into these areas more in depth on Sundays.

Why Small Groups?

We value relationships and we want the kids to feel known, safe, and seen at First Baptist. We love giving an opportunity in small groups for leaders to build relationships with the kids and be attentive to how God is speaking to them.

Why Do We Have Rally Nights?

After every 4-6 weeks, we take time to remember the previous weekly themes we learned as a second opportunity for what the kids have learned to be reinforced in their long-term memory.

Rally Nights are an opportunity to celebrate who God is, what He has done, and what He promises to continue to do.

As we see the forgetfulness of human nature through the Israelites in the Old Testament and as we also see them creating traditions to celebrate the glory of God-we desire to be intentional with our time in remembering what God has done and remind ourselves of what we know about God.

Why Skits/Connect Opportunities, Worship, Teaching, & Rec?

We know God is fun and we love to be fun in intentional ways! We have weekly skits and connect activities for kids to laugh and hear how weekly themes can be applied to our lives in big ways.

We value worshipping Jesus because He is the Savior of the world and He is deserving of our worship. We believe in showing and giving kids opportunities to worship Jesus in community-there are many different ways to worship Jesus! We love sharing stories in the Bible in a 10-minute interactive teaching to help kids grow in their understanding that the Word is alive and active today.

Rec is a great opportunity for kids to let loose, work together with their team, and be diligent in practicing their memory verses to earn points for their team.